1. Exclusive validity of these conditions

1.1 All orders and delivery transactions of GGM Gastro Nordic AB, Amalia Jönssons gata 21, 42131 Gothenburg, Sweden, (hereinafter referred "GGM"), shall be based exclusively on the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred "GTC") and the Swedish Commercial Code 1990, Köplagen 1990:931 (hereinafter referred "Köplagen"). As per 3 § Köplagen, following terms is applicable between GGM and Customer.
1.2 A contract concluded on the basis of these terms and conditions shall establish their validity for all further (delivery) transactions with the customer within the scope of ongoing business relations, even if GGM does not expressly refer to them in the future. This shall also apply even if the customer only became aware of these Terms and Conditions after the first contract was concluded between the parties.
1.3 Deviating agreements, in particular contradictory terms and conditions of business of the customer, require the express written, consent of GGM to be valid and must be confirmed in writing by GGM separately for each individual contract. Such terms and conditions of the customer shall not bind GGM even if GGM does not expressly object to them or delivers to the customer without reservation in the knowledge of such terms and conditions.
1.4 GGM shall be entitled to amend these General Terms and Conditions with a reasonable period of notice. GGM shall notify the customer in writing of any amendments to these GTC at the latest two (2) months before they take effect. The customer shall be deemed to have given his consent to the notified amendments unless he has notified GGM in writing of his rejection, by the time the amendments take effect. GGM shall specifically draw the customer's attention to this effect of approval in its notification of the amendment to these GTCs.
1.5 This GTC is not valid between GGM and private consumers.

2. Consent to data processing

By submitting his legal transaction application pursuant to Section 3.2, the customer gives his consent for his name and company logo to be displayed on the GGM website and brochures for the purpose of acquiring new customers. This voluntary consent is limited in time to the duration of the business relationship and may be revoked by the customer at any time. Data processing shall remain lawful until the revocation is declared.


3. Offers; conclusion of contract; conclusion of contract via the GGM online shop; order of validity

3.1 Any offers made by GGM shall not be binding unless they have been designated or confirmed in writing by GGM as binding. Drawings, illustrations and dimensions, weights or other performance data shall only be binding if this has been expressly agreed in writing.
3.2 As far as the customer places an order in writing or by telephone, this is considered to be a binding legal transaction according. Insofar as the customer's order is preceded by an offer from GGM, the customer shall comply with this offer in his order. GGM may cancel the customer's order within seven (7) workdays from their delivery by the customer by sending an order confirmation, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

3.3 Contracts with GGM shall come into existence upon acceptance by GGM of the customer's written or telephone order in the form of a written order confirmation, but no later than when GGM provides the service.
3.4 In connection with orders placed via the GGM online shop:
The presentation of the products by GGM in the GGM online shop is always non-binding.
By clicking on the "Order Now" button during the payment process, the customer transmits his order, which is a binding legal transaction.
The confirmation of receipt e-mail sent automatically immediately after receipt of the customer's order by GGM does not constitute acceptance of the customer's order by GGM; it does not therefore constitute a contract between the customer and GGM.
The contract between GGM and the customer shall only come into existence when the customer's order is accepted by GGM's shipping confirmation e-mail, but no later than when GGM provides the service. GGM may accept the customer's order via the online shop within seven (7) working days of receipt of the customer's order.
3.5 Unless otherwise regulated in the individual contract, the following order of precedence shall apply in the event of contradictory provisions:
1. the individual contract including any additional agreements made,
2. these GTC's,
3. - to the extent available - the technical specifications of GGM, in particular the main dimensions of the delivery item,
4. the essential elements of the GGM offer (e.g. price, quantity).
3.6 GGM reserves the property rights and copyrights to the documents referred to in clause 3.1.


4. Obligations and duties of the customer

4.1 The customer shall ensure that all necessary provision and cooperation services are provided in good time to the required extent and free of charge to GGM. If the customer fails to provide a required cooperation service, fails to do so in good time or fails to provide it in the agreed manner, the consequences arising and resulting therefrom (e.g. delays, additional expenditure) shall be borne solely by the customer.
4.2 It is the customer's responsibility to check the delivered goods for their suitability for their intended use before processing or working them, even if samples of the goods were delivered beforehand.
4.3 The assembly or installation is carried out by the customer himself, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing with the customer. In doing so, the customer must follow the instructions in the assembly or installation instructions supplied. The customer must have any necessary connections of products to the public electricity or gas network carried out by an authorised specialist. The same applies to the setting of the required parameters when refrigerators and freezers are put into operation for the first time.
4.4 If, in an individual contract with the customer, GGM has exceptionally undertaken to carry out assembly or installation, the customer shall ensure that any necessary preliminary or construction work has progressed to such an extent that GGM is able to carry out the assembly or installation without hindrance at the assembly time agreed with GGM. This shall include, in particular, that the necessary supply lines for water, waste water, electricity and gas are installed by the customer at the intended location of the equipment to be assembled or installed.
If openings in the customer's buildings prove to be too small for the procurement of the necessary assembly parts, assembly plant or lifting equipment, all costs incurred or to be incurred as a result, in particular for the necessary enlargement of the required opening or for the dismantling of parts as well as for downtimes or downtimes caused or arising as a result thereof, shall be borne by the customer. This shall not apply to the extent that GGM is responsible for the incurrence of such costs.
The customer shall also be obliged to provide GGM with electricity, water, heating, lighting and lockable rooms required for the storage of the installation tools brought along by GGM free of charge for the duration of the installation work. The same shall apply to any scaffolding and lifting equipment required to transport heavy objects as part of the installation work.
4.5 The customer shall be obliged to make the data stored on his systems available to GGM in such a way that they can be reproduced by GGM without considerable effort. The customer's data carriers must be flawless in terms of content and technical specifications, in particular, they must be free of malware, viruses, etc. If this is not the case, the customer shall compensate GGM for all damage arising from the use of these data carriers and shall indemnify GGM to this extent against all claims by third parties, unless
4.6 The customer shall ensure that GGM has access to the customer's valid data, in particular the address